The TSM Spring Break Bingo You’ve All Been Waiting For

Spring Break Bingo

Sprang break forever!

FINALLY. After a semester of hooking up, getting shitfaced, and being hungover, you get to take a break from your real life — to, you know, hook up, get shitfaced, and be hungover. I know you don’t need my help. I trust you to go out there and make shambley decisions all on your own. But, in case you want a little guidance from your friends who have been there, done that, and will pretend they didn’t do that (but totally did), I asked TSM what exactly should be on your spring break list. Here it is: TSM Spring Break Bingo. If you complete it, you will have a little less dignity, but a lot of kick-ass memories. Well, the ones you can remember, at least.

SB Bingo

Cheers to SB2k15! Be safe, have a kick-ass time, and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do. And by that, I mean don’t forget to take pictures of your adventures and send them to us. Make sure to have a drink for those of us who are sitting at a desk, wishing we could be you. Do us proud, ladies.

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Rachel Varina

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