The Twins From Ben’s Season Of “The Bachelor” Are Getting Their Own Show Because They Are Giving Shows To Literally Anyone Now


Emily and Haley were first introduced to America on the 20th season of The Bachelor. They were young, quirky, and twins. And of course they were stupid good-looking, they wouldn’t be on the show otherwise. They both made it pretty far, until the network made Ben go on the most sadistic hometown date in the history of the show. Both of the twins took him home to meet their parents who live in Vegas, and at the end of the day, Ben had to pick one of them and leave the other one at home. Heartbreaking, but also hysterical to watch. The Chosen One ended up leaving before the fantasy suite, but the two of them must have made quite the impression on viewers because they are literally everywhere. Both of them were stars on the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, and they have been on multiple episodes of Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?. But if you just can’t get enough of this platinum pair, they are getting their own spinoff show.

Just when you thought it takes no discernible talent to get your own reality show after Ben and Lauren got their own show, Emily and Haley proved once and for all that The Bachelor has turned us into brain-washed TV-watching drones. As much as we hate consuming all of this trash, we will still watch it. The worst part is, I’m kind of curious what their life is like. I want to pretend it’s from an angle where I have to watch it to prove to myself that it’s terrible, but I honestly want to know what they do in an average day. They wake up, do their hair and makeup the same as each other, I’m assuming fight over clothes that they share, and then what? Go hang out on the strip? Practice their expressive facial expressions in the mirror? Hang out until someone calls them to be on another reality show? The people need answers! And Freeform fortunately, or unfortunately, is planning to give them to us.

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