The Ultimate Guide To Spoiling Your Little On Every Budget

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So you’re getting a little. Whether you know it or not, there’s a secret, unspoken competition concerning who has the most outrageous and over-the-top big/little gift presentation. Sure you planned on collecting t-shirts, and mastering a Pinterest craft or two over the summer. But somewhere between laying out by the pool and darties, that didn’t quite happen.

Don’t fret, you’ve still got time to put together an Instagram-worthy gift presentation.

Ballin’ On A Budget

Close your eyes, and follow your heart as it leads it you to the nearest Dollar Tree, or whatever dollar store is in your area. Your goal is to just buy as much random crap as possible. Throw away everything you’ve ever learned about “quality over quantity.” Buy balloons. Buy that box of M&Ms. Buy that random Christmas tinsel. Buy all the stuff. If her room looks decorated and filled with shit, chances are she’s really not going to care how much you spent. Or notice that it looks like the Target dollar section threw up in her dorm. Throw a few t-shirts into the mix, and you’re golden.

Allowance Money Flow

If you’ve got money saved from your summer job, or maybe a few dollars from the parents, this should be a piece of cake. Head down to your local over-prized Greek merch store and put on your game face. It’s easy to lose your focus and then before you know it, you’re walking out of there $300 lighter. Yeah, that stuffed animal of your mascot is adorable, but that’s gonna end up stuffed in storage within a few years. Stick to your cheaper, more realistic options like cups, frames, stickers, buttons, etc. To top off your sorority christmas extraordinaire, add some attempted crafts and that big/little matching tank you had to have that you ordered months ago.

Making It Rain

The Ultimate Guide To Spoiling Your Little On Every Budget
Take a deep breathe in and relax, the world is your oyster, oh lucky one. You can give your little all the essentials to make any preppy tumblr try-hard’s heart drop. All you really need to do is browse the Lilly Pulitzer section for your print, add to cart, and call it a day. Don’t forget to give her as many t-shirts as you can possibly round up. I’m sure it feels like just yesterday you were a new member re-wearing the same two sorority shirts every week. You’re the fairy godmother your little has been dreaming of since she first watched Legally Blonde.

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