The Ultimate Ranking Of Beyoncé’s 27 Best Live Performances

You don’t have to be a Beyoncé superfan to know the girl can put on a show. As the legend turns 34, it’s hard to believe just how many iconic performances she’s had during her solo career. Here’s a look back into her twenty-seven best live performances spanning over twelve years and six tours.

27. End of Time — Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series 2011

A prime example of how Beyoncé has mastered the art of being able to sing and dance without sounding out of breath. That afro wig is also a great added bonus.

26. Halo — Singapore National University Hospital

Partially adding this to the list because it’s heartwarming and philanthropic, but also partially for the hilarious intro the hospital staff gave her.

25. Resentment — On The Run Tour (Cincinnati Show)

Okay, this Cincinnati show performance of “Resentment” is on the list due to all the controversy that surrounded it. Bey last minute changed the lyrics, sparking recent rumors that Jay-Z had an affair. If you ask me, it was a total publicity stunt to promote the upcoming VMAs. *sips tea*

24. Irreplaceable — American Music Awards 2006

This performance can be summed up in one word: FAN. You’ll never see Beyoncé’s hair more wind blown. Classic diva performance.

23. Baby Boy/Crazy In Love — MTV Video Music Awards 2003

Even in 240p, you can tell this performance is epic. I mean, she emerged from the ceiling like a shiny golden caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. C’mon!

22. Ring The Alarm — MTV Video Music Awards 2006

The hoops. The trench coat. The thigh high black boots. THAT DANCE BREAK.

21. Deja Vu — BET Awards 2006

Um, abs.

20. Naughty Girl/Blow — The Mrs. Carter World Tour

Probably one of the most underrated of her concert sets. The sexy, burlesque themed intro to Naughty Girl IS LIFE.

19. Dangerously In Love — The Grammy Awards 2004

Other than being a visually stunning performance, watch until the end as she improvises a few flawless riffs to stall a delayed dove prop. That’s how it’s done.

18. Crazy In Love — On The Run Tour

0:50-1:13. That is all.

17. U.S. National Anthem — Superbowl XXXVIII

Unofficial Queen of Houston performing the National Anthem at the Superbowl in H-Town??? It’s pretty much one of the most Beyoncé things ever.

16. Crazy In Love — BET Awards 2003

Ah yes, the beginning of a flourishing solo career. The giant lit “BEYONCÉ” prop is one big “FU” to the other Destiny’s Child members. They even made sure to include the accent on the e. You can see Michelle Williams in the audience smiling through the pain.

15. Pretty Hurts — On The Run Tour

Everybody knows Bey loves her some girl power. The On The Run Tour visuals for “Pretty Hurts” pack a powerful feminist punch that make you want to go kick some butt.

14. Take My Hand, Precious Lord — The Grammy Awards 2015

I’m pretty sure this rendition of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” could make a believer out of anyone. YouTube doesn’t have the actual performance, but you can watch it here.

13. Single Ladies — American Music Awards 2008

It’s performances like these that make it hard to believe Beyoncé isn’t a professional dancer. Plus, Heather Morris from “Glee” is dancing backup, so that’s pretty cool.

12. Destiny’s Child Medley — The Beyoncé Experience Tour

A timeline through the history of Destiny’s Child. Pretty interesting to learn she pretty much held the group on her back. Minimal shade thrown.

11. Run The World (Girls) — On The Run Tour

This performance is special because we get the same strong, confident, fierce Bey with a little taste of hood.

10. Tina Turner Tribute — The Grammy Awards 2008

Not only do we get to see a duet to end all duets, that Vaudeville-esque intro IS EVERYTHING.

9. At Last — Neighborhood Ball 2009

Historic. Iconic. Perfect. Even though Etta James said she basically wanted to kill her for butchering it. Someone is jeally….

8. If I Were A Boy/You Oughta Know — The Grammy Awards

Have you ever seen a more powerful intro?!?! Probably not. And that Alanis Morissette cover? A pleasant surprise.

7. Drunk In Love — The Grammy Awards 2014

Saaaaaaay guuuuurlll this is the sultry, sexy dirty Beyoncé era at it’s best.

6. Crazy In Love — I Am…World Tour

The I Am…World Tour remix of “Crazy In Love” is even better than the original. The horn section interlude reinvents the entire song. That curtain drop intro made my heart drop. And I’m pretty sure that gold sequined leotard is what the angels wear in heaven.

5. Get Me Bodied — The Beyoncé Experience Tour

A literal Queen Bee arrives to rule over the masses, and everyone LOST IT.

4. Run the World (Girls) — Billboard Music Awards 2011

Nobody utilizes big screen visual effects quite like Beyoncé does.

3. Love On Top — MTV Video Music Awards 2011

*hair flip* *mic drop* *PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT*

2. BEYONCE Album Medley — MTV Video Music Awards 2014

An iconic moment in TV that redefined the image of what feminism looks like. If you were to summarize Beyoncé’s essence, this would be it. SLAYAGE.

1. Greatest Hits Medley — Superbowl XLVII Halftime Show

I think this performance is an FDA approved cure for depression. A Destiny’s Child reunion?!?! What more could you want?! Hands down the most iconic Beyoncé performance ever, and possibly the most iconic Superbowl halftime show of all time.

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