The World Just Got Better – Chipotle Is Now Delivering To College Campuses


*Beep beep beep*

What. the hell. is that noise?

You roll over and grab your phone. As you immediately turn down the brightness, you notice the time. 10:30 a.m. Drunk you must have been smart enough to set an alarm for your 11 a.m. class.


As you scroll though your drunk texts (eleven sent to your ex, five sent to your FWB, three sent to your mom) and recall the night, the headache starts to set in. First, it’s just a dull little thud in the back of your skull, which can also be confused with all of the regrets you’re thinking about right now. But as you delete texts, do damage control, and reach for a gallon of water you realize you’re hungover as shit. There’s no way you’re going to class. And you need food. Now.

Unfortunately, the one thing that this moment calls for is, of course, a burrito bowl. And also unfortunately, you can’t really get it unless you somehow get to a restaurant or you pay $20 dollars to have some high AF Postmates driver to deliver it to you.

Until now.

According to Business Wire, Chipotle is going to start delivering. Basically. The famous chain is teaming up with the ordering service, Tapingo, to get hungover college students everywhere the Chipotle they need. Currently, six schools are being offered this service, but 40 more are going to be added this fall.

From Business Wire:

Chipotle delivery is currently available through Tapingo at the following campuses:

Arizona State University
California State University Chico
Louisiana State University
University of Arizona
University of Southern California
Northern Arizona University

Delivery will expand to include the following campuses later this fall:

California State University – Fullerton
California State University Northridge
Carnegie Melon University
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland State University
College of the Holy Cross
Columbia University
Eastern Michigan University
Emory University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia State University
Johns Hopkins University
Loyola Marymount University
Loyola University Maryland
Michigan State University
New York University
North Carolina State University
Ohio State University
Pennsylvania State University
Rutgers University
San Jose State University
Santa Clara University
Towson University
Trinity College
University of Arkansas
University of California Los Angeles
University of Georgia
University of Louisville
University of Maryland
University of Miami
University of Michigan
University of Oklahoma
University of Oregon Eugene
University of Pittsburgh
University of the Pacific
University of Utah

The fees will be much cheaper (like $3), and the average delivery time is about 25 minutes, which is faster than ordering a pizza, putting on clothes, or attempting to get your life back together. Fingers crossed that this service goes well and it extends to everyone else. And to the lucky 46 schools who are going to have guac delivered to their doorsteps, don’t mess this up. We (and our livers) are all counting on you.

[via Cosmopolitan, Business Wire]

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