There Are Only Five Types Of Butts — Which One Do You Have?


Butts are kind of having their moment right now. It’s what I like to call “The Kardashian Effect,” and I don’t think it’s slowing down anytime soon. Girls with great butts are the new pink, and no matter what kind of junk you have in your trunk, there are technically only five types of butts in the world, according to New York City board-certified plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman, MD.

Dr. Shulman is a butt expert. He’s seen it all. He’s examined approximately 50,000 butts from 35 countries and almost every U.S. state. He says that “butt shape is determined by the placement of your pelvis and hip bones, the amount of fat you have and its distribution, the size of your underlying gluteal muscles, and the way your butt muscles attach to the thigh bone.” Ipso facto, there are only five types of butts out there.

1. V-Shape


If you have a slanted line from your pelvis to your hips, you have a v-shaped booty. This shape is common in women who have broad shoulders and very narrow hips. This type of butt tapers in, so it’s smaller at the bottom.

2. A-Shape


If you’re pear-shaped, there’s a good chance you also have an a-shaped bum. This type of butt widens below the hip bone, so if you have a problem with pants fitting your butt but being too big in the waist, this might be your butt.

3. Square

Girls with square butts have a straight line going from their hip bone down to their outer thigh. Square asses are more flat than they are phat. This type of butt is affectionately called a pancake ass, but don’t worry, just add some more squats into your workout routine and your ass will go from square to round.

4. Round

Round butts are the butt we all want but few of us actually have. Girls with this butt run in the same circle as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez. This butt is round in length and width. It sticks out like a table top, and if you have this butt you may or may not have tried to balance a drink on your ass.

5. Upside-Down Heart

Girls with this butt have a low and full butt with full hips. “It involves a curve to the outer hips, but with more volume in the lower part of the hip,” Dr. Schulman explains. This butt shaped is similar to round, but with the buns set a little lower.

No matter what shape your butt is, take comfort in knowing that you can change it with a few extra sets of squats at the gym. And if that doesn’t work, maybe take a little trip up to New York to visit Dr. Shulman.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Images drawn by Connnor Davis

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