There Are Some Things Every Girl With Long Hair Will Understand

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Having long hair can be wonderful, luxurious, and fun, but sometimes, it can be a challenge. Not everyone can handle such a responsibility or live up to the high standards associated with long locks. A girl and her hair have a special relationship, and just like any other relationship, there are ups and downs. Sometimes, you put off a trim your ends so desperately need. Other days, your hair will just not cooperate, no matter how much hairspray you use. But for every bad hair day, there are a bazillion more amazing ones. This is why we carry on. It is all a part of the lifestyle of having luscious locks, and there are just some things that only girls with long hair will ever understand.

  1. Everyone always wants to touch your hair. #LongHairButIDoCare
  2. The wind is your worst enemy.
  3. “Sexy hair” really only lasts about five seconds and requires a lot of head flipping.
  4. You shed more than the frat hound.
  5. Pinning up an updo is the best arm workout you’ve ever done.
  6. Pinterest hairstyles usually require an actual hairstylist.
  7. Cuddling with you is insufferable for your big spoon, but even if his face gets enveloped in hair, at least you know it smells amazing.
  8. You get more anxious before hair appointments than tests.
  9. You cried the first time you donated your hair, which may also be the last time you donated your hair.
  10. You’re a master of the French braid.
  11. Wet buns are heavy enough to give you headaches.
  12. If you have straight hair, you want it to be curly.
  13. If you have curly hair, you want it to be straight.
  14. You think pixie cuts look so cute, but, you know, just not with your bone structure.
  15. So. Many. Bows.
  16. Where do all the ponytail holders go? Really.
  17. Blow-drying your hair takes 10 to 20 minutes, and even then, it’s still not completely dry.
  18. No matter what your current length is, your hair could always be just a little longer.
  19. When you meet new people, they say, “WOW. Your hair is so long!”
  20. When you see relatives for the first time in five years, they say, “WOW. Your hair got so long!”
  21. Get in the water? Are you kidding me?
  22. The “good” hair products are so worth the money (well, Mom’s money).
  23. You’re either one of those girls who never sees her true hair color, or you’ve never really been brave enough to try.
  24. At least one guy has pulled your hair during sex. It kind of hurt, but it was really hot.
  25. Your favorite Disney princess is Pocahontas, Ariel, or Rapunzel, depending on your respective hair color.
  26. You will probably need to hire a plumber just to clean out your shower drain at the end of the school year. Gag.
  27. The bathroom mirror surrounded by an array of hair care products is your sanctuary. Namaste.
  28. When formal time closes in, your schedule is completely booked with sisters’ hair appointments. You may even get a few requests from girls in other sororities.
  29. Is your face having a rough day? That’s okay, because you can just do something really cute with your hair to distract everyone away from your otherwise less than perfect appearance.
  30. Extensions are like nose jobs–go too far and everyone will notice.
  31. Girls with long hair do it better, no matter the hair color. Just try not to give yourself whiplash.

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