There Is A Campaign To Feature A Woman On The $20 Bill, And You Can Vote For It Now

There Is A Campaign To Feature A Woman On The $20 Bill, And You Can Vote For It Now

It’s time to dump that loser who keeps telling you that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, because according to a new popular nonprofit organization, a woman’s place is on the money.

Women on $20s is campaigning for the $20 bill to replace Andrew Jackson with a female historical figure, and we. are. pumped. I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that Andrew Jackson is a ridiculously controversial choice. Are we just going to ignore the fact that he was a critical role in the genocide of Native Americans, just because he had a penis? Barbara Oritz, the founder of the organization, has announced her goal of putting a woman on the $20 bill by 2020, which is the centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage. Nice work, Barb. You get a bid.

As of now, the only women who society have deemed worthy of a spot on money is Susan B. Anthony on a rare dollar coin you’ve probably never seen and Sacagawea on the even more rare gold dollar coin.

What’s the deal, America? It’s 2015, and everyone needs to wake the fuck up. We live in a time when we can finally admit that women have a great deal of positive contributions to our nation’s history. So my question is, why do we even have to make a campaign out of this idea? President Obama has even said that he thinks putting women on currency is a good idea, to which we say, “Thanks, Obama.” No, seriously, thank you, Mr. President.

You can now vote for a woman to replace former President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, and we encourage you to do so. I’m hoping they put Rosa Parks up there, because not everyone can go down in history for saying “nah” and being a rightfully stubborn, boss-ass bitch.

In all seriousness, this is a great opportunity for the U.S. to honor female historical figures who had a positive impact on our country, and I encourage everyone to at least consider voting. We are (the better) half of the population, after all.

[via WomenOn20s]

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