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I was just cruising the ‘net, trying to see what was new in the frat world, hoping to entertain you people, and what to my wandering eyes did appear? That the Omega chapter of the Tri-Kappa sorority is hosting its seventh annual bingo night. TRI-KAPPA. As in Kappa Kappa Kappa.


And it has existed since 1901. And the only time it’s been in the news?

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BINGO. That’s wild.

According to its national website, the organization is just your average, run-of-the-mill sorority. Its objective is “to bring women into close, unselfish relationship for the promotion of charity, culture and education.” It appears to be a service sorority, with philanthropies including “Riley Children’s Foundation, the Cheer Guild servicing Riley Hospital, Camp Riley, Ronald McDonald House, Best Buddies of Indiana, Hoosier Salon, academic scholarship awards, fine arts scholarship awards, non-traditional scholarship awards, ‘Math Counts’ at Rose Hulman University, the ‘We the People’ program, and the Beryl Showers Holland Fellowship at Indiana University.” The catch? The reason I’ve lived and breathed sorority for the better part of the last decade and have never heard of this? It exists only within the confines of Indiana. There are still about 140 chapters and 10,000 members, though. Ten THOUSAND upstanding women were still able to simply overlook the fact that their letters are, quite literally, associated with one of the most evil organizations in the country. To clarify, that evil organization is, of course, the Ku Klux Klan, not Kappa Kappa Kappa–I’m sure Kappa cubed is lovely.

My initial thought was that the sorority must have been in existence before the Klan–it just had the unfortunate luck of being located in a place no one’s ever heard of, like Indiana. But no. Wikipedia tells me there have been three separate KKK movements, the first spanning from 1865 to the 1870s. While there was no active Klan at the time the sorority was founded, the robed monsters (again, the Klan, not the sorority) were still here first. The second movement started in 1915, and Tri-Kappa has been living silently, hoping no one would discover its less than stellar name-choosing abilities ever since.

In case you were wondering, though, Bingo Night is Oct. 30, and the winner has a chance to win a Vera Bradley bag. All proceeds will go to Tri-Kappa’s scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors.

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