There’s A ‘Frat House Basement Party’ Scented Candle And It’s What We’ve All Been Missing

There are a few really wonderful things about college. The plethora of free pizza. The feeling of being an adult without any real responsibilities. And, of course, the parties. There’s nothing quite like a well funded, extremely gross, fraternity party. You know the ones. Your feet stick to the floor as you walk to the makeshift bar. Your head pounds the next day as you try to count just how many cups of jungle juice you drank. The endless drama, the constant hookups. Being there with your friends, and your boys, and all of the people you love-to-hate.

Fraternity parties are magical.

Lucky for us, the people at Flick Candles decided to create the ultimate basic bitch thing, so we can enjoy that magical feeling all of the time. Enter: The Fraternity House Basement Party candle.

Frat House BasementImage via Flick Candles

So what, exactly does a frat house basement party smell like?
• The rage you feel when you see your ex talking to some random girl?
• Hairspray and cheap vodka?
• Cherry scented body glitter?
• Latex?
• Sweat and pheromones?
• Old, musty study files and ancient composites?

Apparently all of that, and more. From Flick Candles:

This lovely scent mixes old vintage movie posters with a splash of something that will definitely give you a headache tomorrow morning. However, none of that matters because you will not be able to get past the overwhelming smell of sweat and Jungle Juice. Keep the good times going 24/7 with Frat House Basement Party as the intoxicating aroma grinds up on you. Sure this candle costs money– but when you’re involved in Greek life, so do your friends.

They play dirty, huh? Don’t think we didn’t notice the ol’ “pay for your friends” jab. But when the candle is this funny, and just begging to be posted on my Instagram, I don’t even care because yes — I immediately purchased one. And for the low price of $16.99, you can say goodbye to those classy candles that were never really your style, and hello to a candle that understands your zero fucks attitude. So whether it’s for your friend who is traveling abroad for the semester, your big who is old and graduated, or your parents who just want to be “with it,” this candle is kind of perfect for everyone.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pour myself a solo cup of flat, warm beer, mentally say mean things to all of the bitches I hate, and light this bad boy up. Finally, a candle for our lifestyle. Flick, you just get us.

[via Flick Candles]

Image via Flick Candles

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