There’s A New Experimental Drug That Will Let You Never Work Out Again


In an ideal world, I’d have a rock-hard six-pack, and I’d have one of those Instagrams where I amass tens of thousands of likes for sports bra selfies and Nike literally pays me to wear dry-fit shorts by the dozen. Looking fit is something I’m definitely on board with. The effort I have to put in to get there? Not so much. I mean, sure, the gym is fine, but when you can lay in bed, eat ice cream out of the carton, and order a pizza with the press of a button, there’s really no competition. While of course I would prefer to look like a fitness guru, those ideals take a backseat to the convenience and deliciousness of fast food and the fact that I would literally rather do anything else with my life than go to the gym.

Thankfully for us lazy girls who still want to look awesome, all of our problems are about to be solved forever. Cell Reports published some research conducted by Deakin University in Melbourne which shows a new experimental drug could actually take the place of working out. Not kidding. These researchers tested their new drug in overweight mice, and after taking it, these mice that were previously lazy AF didn’t show anymore signs of cardiovascular disease. That’s right – by taking this drug, you could literally reverse the negative effects of skipping the gym. This is what they call a game changer.

For all of you non-science majors, this crazy new drug basically works by activating the genes that are normally only activated during exercise. These genes are responsible for part of your metabolism, so by turning them on synthetically when you’re not actually doing anything, your body can think that you’re exercising when you’re just laying in bed binge-watching Stranger Things for the seventh time. While currently only tested in mice, the researchers responsible for this magic hope that this drug will become commercially available for human use in the next 5-10 years. Until then, I guess I’ll have to actually still go to the gym, but I’m going ahead and reserving my handle for my future viral fitness Instagram account. Free athletic leggings for life and five-digit likes, here I come.

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