There’s A New “Selfie Stick” Out There, And It’s Making Picture Taking A LOT Sexier

Selfie Sex Stick

I’m not a big fan of selfies. Actually, let me rephrase that. I’m not a big fan of posting selfies. To me, it’s awkward. Something about uploading a picture of MY FACE and expecting people to tell me I’m pretty freaks me out. What if no one likes it? What if that ONE friend makes fun of you? What if you use Mayfair when you should have gone with Lo-Fi? That being said, I still take an embarrassing amount of selfies per day (I just either delete them or send them to my few best friends).

Still in bed while my boyfriend is sleeping? #Selfie. Great lighting and somehow my hair held its curl? #Selfie. Anything involving mimosas? #Selfie. There’s really only one time when I don’t selfie, and that’s when I’m getting down and dirty. Doing the deed. You know, sexual stuff. It just doesn’t seem like the right time. Body parts are everywhere, chin angles are not on point, and don’t even get me started on lighting. Unfortunately for all of us, someone thought differently.

Enter (in the vagina) The Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator. According to the Mirror, it’s been dubbed the “X-rated Selfie Stick,” but you use this stick a litttttle bit differently. That’s right. The world’s very first camera-vibrator was created, and it really shows the, uh, intimate side of you. So intimate, in fact, that it literally goes inside of you. Basically, it’s a vibrator with a camera attached to the end that allows you to “see what happens during a female orgasm.” Considering the fact that this whole concept is totally blowing my mind, I’ll just let you watch this instructional video.


What the actual fuck? While the whole idea makes me want to swear off sex forever, the description of the product on Lovehoney is a bit more intriguing.

Orgasms are an amazing display of passion and satisfaction, from muscle spasms and curling toes to clenched hands and heavy breathing, but have you ever wondered what happens inside the body during climax? The Svakom Gaga provides all the answers…

I don’t know about you, but this isn’t exactly something that I want to see. Or do I? After checking out the reviews, I have to say, it’s an actual “thing” that people like.

This toy is so much fun. It is so sleek. While rigid, it feels so perfect. It is my ultimate Sex Toy and I intend to use it over and over. This is technology at its best. -carebearfun via Lovehoney

It is simple to use and the vibrations are good, plus I love the colour. Uploading the video was easy too, but I realised I had pulled a funny face at the beginning when I first switch it on and the light was directly in my eyes, which I struggled to cut out as I wasn’t in my sexy lingerie, as you could see later on in the video.” -Dunny&Smithy via Lovehoney

But then, there was this disgruntled Amazon user who seems to have failed getting off.

This is a marketing SCAM. The best part of the product is the packaging. The camera is unfocused and fails at producing anything but a blur, especially in motion. When the company was contacted they claimed that the product was not meant for internal use! Its a camera on a dildo! Please do not send this dishonest company any of you money. It simply does not work as described and they will not do anything to help you. -Jared via Amazon

My only problem with the last review is that “Jared” is usually a boy’s name, and this product is made for vaginas. Either way, if this sounds like your cup of sexual tea, you can purchase it for $150ish dollars. My only request? Don’t make “vagina selfies” a thing, kay? I have enough anxiety with face selfies — I can’t imagine having to put my other lips on display, too.

[via The Mirror, Lovehoney, Amazon]

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