There’s A Scientific Reason We’re All Attracted To Frat Boys

Is it his ability to shotgun a beer in under five seconds? Is it his exposed upper thigh or hairy man chest? Is it his need to break something every time he’s blackout? No, it’s probably none of that. But for some reason you can’t get your mind off that fraternity guy that really brings nothing to the table. Sure, he’s cute and can make a joke every once and a while, but that doesn’t explain why you’d literally drop anything to hang out with him. Don’t worry ladies, science is here to help justify your obsession with this species of men.

Michael Dunaway, a school therapist at Auburn University, says that “Women have a tendency to act on purely animal instinct, and in many cases are going to be drawn to an alpha male.” In other words, we’re just a bunch of animals looking for someone to lead our pack. The most outspoken and probably the biggest douchebag of them all will ultimately be the most appealing to us. We adore his IDGAF attitude. We’re taken aback by his confidence to approach us with a one-liner and, therefore, reward him for it with our affection. And when we see a fraternity dude order around a pledge, we’re attracted to his dominance. We see his services as a form of protection and feel that he would be a great addition to our lives.

Not only is his authority appealing to us, but his physical features play a role too. Dunaway explains that “women are most attracted to the stronger, more confident, and athletic guy. Ultimately the males who exhibit these characteristics are more likely to produce stronger sperm, therefore they are able to provide stronger offspring.” So even though our main goal is to avoid having babies, deep down our bodies are trying to draw us to the perfect mate. Never have I once judged a guy based on what his sperm would be like, but subliminally, without even knowing it, my hormones were doing all the judging for me. Thanks, estrogen.

Dunaway goes on to explain that “Women tend to view these particular males as ‘broken,’ but find them extremely attractive because these young girls believe that they can then take on this challenge and ‘fix them.’” So we see these charming, strong men who are a little too hard around the edges and think it would be a fun job to soften them up a bit like they’re some kind of art project that just needs a little more shading. We think that by adding ourselves to their lives, they will go from almost perfect to flawless. But as ignorant as we might be, we all know that never happens. Men and change go together just about as well as vodka and good decisions. It just doesn’t happen.

So this explains why you’re always attracted to the guy in the room with biceps who has managed to offend everyone. There’s nothing hotter than a confident asshole. I think with time we’ll all grow out of this stage, but until then just keep your feelings locked away and don’t introduce any of these men to your mother. She doesn’t need another reason to be disappointed in you.

[via The Tab]

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