There’s A Secret Reason You Go Out, And It’s Not Alcohol


As I look back on how I’ve been spending my time in college, it can be summarized pretty easily. A lot of partying. From frat parties freshman year to currently bar-hopping in my senior, going out has remained constant. Lately I’ve had a sort of “come to Jesus” as they say with myself, and sat to ponder why I’ve continued down this road.

Was it the alcohol? The impending anxiety that comes the day after blacking out? After sifting through different answers I realized it was more simple than I thought. We love to go out so much, because it gives us an excuse to dress up and look our best.

You’re basically Cinderella.
That’s right, getting ready to go out is essentially your own personal Cinderella transformation. But for you, the dirty rags are Nike shorts, and the helpful mice are your appointed friends that help you curl the back of your hair. In college (and I guess real life too), you really don’t have to look “nice” on a day to day basis. You think I’m gonna glue on some lashes just to sit and listen to a lecture? Hell nope. Going out gives you an excuse to go all out. You finally have an excuse to throw on that bombshell bra and try that boob contour you’ve been dying to try.

I mean sure, the drinking and socializing is an added bonus. But there are only a few things in this world that make you feel as talented and accomplished as transforming yourself from a troll bridge to a glamazon. It’s like an episode of What Not To Wear, but you get to witness your miraculous before-and-after several nights out of the week.

It’s like going shopping, but for free.
Unless you bare the burden of living alone, getting ready is amazing because your roommates’ closets become your own mall. The best part is, you don’t even need your wallet! Living with multiple girls is great for this reason, and this reason only. The outfit options are essentially endless. Shoes, bags, earrings, tops that you probably would never buy, but are now considering because it looked so good on your roomie, it’s all yours!!!

Getting ready is the pregame to the pregame.
Getting ready is a party in itself, and if you disagree than you’ve been doing it wrong. The party officially begins once the showers end. Everyone’s bedroom doors are open, music starts blaring bubble gum pop or dirty rap, there’s a lot of lip synching and/or singing, and you probably have a mixed drink in hand. It’s almost as if you’re already out, except you don’t even have to make small talk with strangers!!! You can feel the excitement in the air of what shenanigans everyone could possibly be getting into tonight. The air is electric with thoughts of potential shacker shirts and dreams of free drinks to come.

So there you have it. You’re not an alcoholic after all, you just like to look hot.

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