There’s Actually Chocolate That Will Get Rid Of Cramps During That Time Of The Month


Every 28 days on the dot, my pattern of life comes to an absolute, complete halt. Are a couple of measly cramps that big of a deal? Absolutely not. Could I function as a human if I wanted to? Sure. Am I going to be a big baby about it anyway? You betcha. If I get a temporary illness once a month, I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth, from being actually irrational to giving myself an excuse to eat absurd amounts of chocolate. Of course, the cramps suck, but at least the chocolate makes me feel better about myself while I’m bloated and have a couple extra unwanted pimples.

Now, thanks to the Swiss company Chocolate With Love, the chocolate you were definitely going to consume anyway can also relieve your cramps. Seriously. You can throw the Midol out the window, because all of your problems are solved forever. This chocolate called Frauenmond – which appropriately translates to “women’s moon” – is full of a 17-herb blend from the Swiss Alps that are known to soothe cramps. Combine this with the chocolate, and it’ll be like your period never even happened.

Honestly, this is fantastic news. Chocolate you can eat that’s actually medicine? What’s next? Salads that actually taste good? Negative calorie foods that aren’t celery? If you’re not pumped to live in this time of booming technology, you can’t sit with us, because life just keeps getting better these days. Now let me have my period chocolate and just let me know when you guys come up with broccoli that tastes like Sour Patch Kids, ok?

[via Teen Vogue]

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