There’s Finally A Wine You Can Drink With Your Cat


If there’s one thing society is bound and determined to shame us for as women, it’s drinking alone. Open up a bottle of wine without a boyfriend around, and you must be sad and in need of help. Throw in a cat, and you are definitely a lost cause, bound to die alone. Well, what if your cat could drink with you? Thanks to a new brand of wine for cats — yes, you read that right — you will never have to drink alone again.

Okay, so this cat wine is non-alcoholic because getting your cat shitfaced is probably a crime, but it does contain catnip, so your kitten friend will still probably have a pretty good time with it. Not sure if your cat prefers red or white? Not to worry, because there’s an offering of each — your cat can choose just how basic she wants to be when choosing between a bottle of Pinot Meow or MosCATo. Drinking with your cat also costs you less than a trip to the bar — a single serving will run you around $5, and an 8-ounce bottle will cost $12. Oh, and according to Instagram, cats love it.

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A photo posted by Apollo Peak (@apollopeak) on

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So pour one out for your kitty, because boyfriend or not, you now have a forever drinking buddy.

[via Today]

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