There’s No Such Thing As Not Being Able To Pull Something Off


“I could never pull something like that off.” One of my friends was giving my outfit the up-down, as I once again showed up in another over the top, beyond extra outfit for the night.

I just can’t help it. If I’m going out, there’s no question about it, I will be teetering around with sore feet in heels all night. If I’m going out, I’m not just wearing an outfit, I’m giving you a head-to-toe look (*snaps in Z formation*). I haven’t always been this way. But with every refresh of my Instragram feed, I saw yet another beauty blogger and their #OOTD. And with every new post I found myself feeling like peasant scum. Why couldn’t I dress like that? I wished I was a fashion blogger, so that I could wear some of the clothes that they wore. Then I had a revelation. What if, just maybe…I could.

You know what? Turns out fashion bloggers, Instagram models, and every Kardashian/Jenner alike are just people like you and me. Who knew! They woke up one day, threw on a trendy outfit and decided that, “yeah! I can wear stuff like this now!” There was no part of that process where a magic wand was twirled around them, then suddenly in that moment, now they could pull things off. So I decided to do the same. If there are thousands of fashion “gurus” on social media doing it, that why couldn’t I? You don’t need to live in New York or L.A. to wear a body-con dress, over the knee boots, and a floor length coat. Turns out you do, however, need a lot of Spanx.

When it comes down to it, all it is is a confidence thing. If you think what you’re wearing is worthy of being on the cover of Vogue, then you can fool everyone else into thinking it is too. And it also works the in the exact opposite way too. If I saw a girl strutting around, chin up in the air, owning her shit, AND she was wearing a Hefty black garbage bag as a dress? Well you better believe I’m marching my ass into Target the next day and bulking up on trash bags. That’s basically the entire process of Kanye’s Yeezy’s “distressed” t-shirts. He’s literally selling ripped t-shirts for hundreds of dollars, and we’re all eating it up. The power of confidence (and possibly Kardashian influence, too).

To be honest, I’ll never really understand why anyone thinks they can’t “pull something off.” What does that even mean? All any of us are really doing is putting clothes on our bodies in different varieties. It’s all just fabric! If you see something you like, put it on. And there you are. You’re really doing it. You’re pulling it off.

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Rachel Page

Rachel enjoys spending her time thinking about Britney Spears, whining about being single, and thinking about Britney Spears. She doesn't take to criticism well, so be nice or so she will cry herself to sleep! Email: [email protected]

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