There’s Now A “Tinder” For Food Because We All Pick Carbs Over Sex Anyways


It was love at first sight. I felt my heart race and my face flush. After countless nights spent drinking, searching, and swiping, it happened. I had finally found my match. I could finally, truly swipe right.

It was the pizza that my drunk self had been looking for all along. As soon as it popped up on my screen it was almost like I had finally found myself. You know that moment? When you feel so full of love and happiness and cheese that you don’t even care that you’re going to sleep three pounds heavier with no hope of an orgasm. It’s the love we all really want, and finally some brains from Boston are going to make our carb-filled dreams come true.

When Jordan Homan, Necco Ceresani, and David Blumenfield met in college, they all bonded over, you guessed it, food. After a lot of discussing and planning, they decided to give twenty-somethings what they really want. Tinder, but for food.



It’s called “Tender” and it’s literally a matchmaking site for food. Basically it has tons of delicious pictures of food (with their recipes) and you just swipe right and left for things you like and don’t like. In an interview with, the trio said that, “as a twenty-something, we are all constantly combating the impulse to just eat-out or pick something up. But Tender gets you psyched about the prospect of making food, and it makes it easy to do so.”

So sure, you still need someone to physically make the food for you, but as we all know, the looking is half of the fun. Besides, you’ve been meaning to reach out to all of those old Tinder matches that you’ve blown off. Invite them over for a nice, home-cooked meal. Granted, they’re going to be the ones doing the cooking, but you don’t have to tell them that until they’re already there. After years of pretending that we wanted guys instead of delicious, home baked fries, we can finally be reunited with our truest loves: carbs and regret.

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