These Are The Most Basic Halloween Costumes Of 2014, By State

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The scariest thing about Halloween isn’t a haunted house, a “Saw” marathon, or even the possibility of being approached by hundreds of children. No, the scariest thing about Halloween is the fear that comes right before showing up at your costume party: the fear that someone else will have the same costume as you, only better. Thankfully, Huffington Post released this map of the most googled Halloween costumes in each state, so you can avoid these like Ebola.

Most Basic Costume By State

Superheroes are huge this year, with millions of girls scheduled to dress up as Black Widow and Catwoman. I’d stay away from Katniss, too, although that costume is so 2012 anyway. Bars this year will be flooded with Minnie Mouses, Elsas and Annas from “Frozen,” cheerleaders, Care Bears, dogs, and, unsurprisingly, cats. Be wary of the men’s most popular costumes as well–there’s nothing like the hot guy from trig telling you he’ll be Batman, only for you to show up and accidentally hit on that bottom-tier kid who always tries to sell you weed. Be on your A-game this year, and whatever you do, avoid these costumes at all costs.

[via Huffington Post]

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