These Are The Top 25 Teams In College Football, Ranked By How Hot The Players Are

Each Tuesday, the College Football Playoff selection committee comes out with its rankings of the top 25 teams in college football. These standings are a particularly big deal this week, because this week’s rankings are the final ones before the teams for the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship are decided this weekend. While we love college football, we also love hot guys, so in the spirit of combining our interests, we’ve taken the top 25 teams as chosen by the committee and ranked them in terms of player hotness. Enjoy!

25. Michigan State — Jake Hartbarger, Kicker

Excited to see what the future holds, truly blessed #SpartanDawgs

A photo posted by Jake Hartbarger (@jakehartbarger) on

24. UCLA — Brett Hundley, Quarterback

23. Missouri — Maty Mauk, Quarterback

A photo posted by Maty Mauk (@ohioqb7_miz) on

22. Southern California — Cody Kessler, Quarterback

A photo posted by Cody Kessler (@ckessler6) on

21. Alabama — T.J. Yeldon, Running Back

A photo posted by Tj Yeldon (@_tyeldon) on

20. TCU — Kolby Griffin, Cornerback

19. Kansas State — Dylan Schellenberg, Defensive Back

18. Mississippi State — Logan Cooke, Kicker/Punter

A photo posted by Logan Cooke (@logancooke43) on

17. Georgia — Tristan Askew, Cornerback

16. LSU — Jared Foster, Quarterback

A photo posted by Jared Foster (@jfoster_1317) on

15. Utah — Andy Phillips, Kicker

A photo posted by Andy Phillips (@andyphillips) on

14. Clemson — Nick Schuessler, Quarterback

13. Ohio State — Nick Synder, Linebacker

A photo posted by Nick Snyder (@nicksnyder17) on

12. Georgia Tech — Tony Zenon, Running Back

A photo posted by Tony Zenon (@zenon9) on

11. Oklahoma — Blake Bell, Quarterback

A photo posted by Blake Bell (@b_bell10) on

10. Oregon — Alec Eickert, Placekicker

A photo posted by Alec Eickert (@aleczeus19) on

9. Auburn — Corey Grant, Running Back

A photo posted by Corey Grant (@coreygranttt) on

8. Boise State — Tyler Horn, Defensive Tackle

A photo posted by Tyler Horn (@t_horn69) on

7. Florida State — Will Burnham, Running Back

6. Baylor — Bryce Petty, Quarterback

A photo posted by Bryce Petty (@brycerr14) on

5. Arizona — Scooby Wright, Linebacker

4. Ole Miss — Andy Pappanastos, Kicker

3. Louisville — Kyle Bolin, Quarterback

A photo posted by Kyle Bolin (@_kb14_) on

2. Wisconsin — Tanner McEvoy, Quarterback

A photo posted by Tanner McEvoy (@tmcevoy5) on

1. Arizona State — Taylor Kelley, Quarterback

Honorable Mention: Minnesota — Grayson Levine, Defensive Back

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