These Girls Want You To Dress Up Like Princesses In Children’s Hospitals With Them

These Girls Want You To Dress Up Like Princesses In Children's Hospitals With Them

Kylee McGrane, college junior at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in New York City is just like you. She’s cute, blonde, and she loves Disney princesses, because we literally never grow up. She’s also, like you, passionate about philanthropic endeavors, and while her school is too small for Greek life, she still wants to make a difference, which is why she and her business partner Maggie McAndrew started The Princess Project.

The program aims to connect sick children with their favorite princes, princesses, and superheroes. The college students involved volunteer to dress up in costume, and visit children’s hospitals to “provide services such as bedside visits, group visits, story readings, and special events,” free of charge.

The mission of our organization is “to re-deliver the magic of believing at a time when they need to “just be a kid”, and remind them to be brave, strong, and fearless.”

After some time working on the project, they’ve had success and brightened the lives of so many children.

Now, the girls are looking to expand. More princesses means more children reached. If you’d like to apply to be a princess (or superhero) in New York City or the surrounding area, you can contact the girls through their site or email them at [email protected].

That probably applies to roughly 5% of you, and the girls know this, which is why they’re looking to expand their reach. The ultimate goal is to open more chapters of The Princess Project in cities all over the country. And who better to open a chapter than a sorority? I mean, you’re already a princess anyway. If you’re interested in opening a chapter, please get in touch with Kylee and Maggie. And if not? You can feel free to donate to the cause on their GoFundMe Page and bring a little happiness to a kid’s life.

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