These Shocking Photos Of Body Expectations Will Completely Change The Way You Think

Body image. What an annoying bitch. In this society, you’re never perfect. Thick thighs, chicken legs, small boobs, big boobs, it’s like there’s no winning. We face it everyday. We wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and judge ourselves. And then we go out into the world and judge our friends, family, and strangers. We compare everyone to these expectations and search for the flaws in their bodies. Because, well, I don’t know why. Which is kind of weird, right?

When faced with the ever-growing issue that is body image, you have three options:

1. Accept it (worst idea ever).
2. Laugh it off (my method of choice).
3. Or grow some lady-balls and fight it.

So, after accepting these standards for a long time, Sarah Coffman became the ultimate boss ass bitch and decided that she had had enough.

She asked models Rose Duquette, Tiffany Stevens, and Ashley Arce to join her. Connie Novello and Tiana Smalls worked together to create a beautiful pin-up look on each girl. They wanted these pictures to be over the top. They decided to be extremely made up, and use a lot of airbrushing and retouching to emphasize the point of unrealistic beauty standards. Photographer Terrance Smalls captured the whole thing. And the results are so flawlessly flawed. The gallery contains what society thinks “beauty” is compared to “normal” girls. In a dramatic, shocking, and beautiful way, these women show the unhealthy and unrealistic comparisons we make every single day.

Beauty standards

Beauty standards

Beauty standards

Beauty standards

Beauty standards

Beauty standards

Beauty standards

Beauty standards

Beauty standards

I know. They’re perfection. For more amazing photographs in this series, visit T. Smalls Photography. Help these beautiful women start a conversation of body acceptance and always remember that no matter your size, no matter your weight, and no matter your lines – you’re absolutely perfect.

[via T. Smalls Photography]

Images via T. Smalls Photography

Models: Sarah Coffman (@nerdygypsy), Rose Duquette (@fractured_euphoria), Tiffany Stevens (@t.steezie), and Ashley Arce.
Hair: Connie Novello (@connienovello)
Makeup : Tiana Smalls (@tsmallsmakeup/@tsmallsphoto)
Photography by Terrance Smalls or

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