These Twin Sisters Share A Boyfriend

Twins boyfriend

I never had a sister, despite constantly begging my parents to adopt one for me, so I’m not 100 percent sure what it’s like. On the plus side, it seems like you have a built-in best friend who is forced to love you and/or share clothes with you until the day you die. On the downside, however, I have a feeling it would be a constant, Serena/Blair-like competition. Who’s prettier? Who’s cooler? Who’s got the better eyelashes and the hotter boyfriend?

One set of sisters, however, has found a way to avoid all of the drama. Maybe they were born with it. Maybe it’s an array of plastic surgery and paint-like makeup. Either way, they’re considered “the world’s most identical twins” from a few random publications and after digging through their ~interesting~ Instagram, I found out that they share everything. And when I say everything, I do mean ev-er-y-thing.

According to their SHARED Instagram account, (which is pretty much just pictures of them wearing identical outfits and artificial AF smiles) in addition to sharing a car, a job, and a bed, they now also share a boyfriend. Because sharing your favorite shirt with your sister just wasn’t enough. They have to share the D too.


The only way to make the situation weirder would be if they lived with their mom too. Oh, wait. They do that. So the sisters, their boyfriend, and their mom all live together. Talk about keeping it in the family. Despite their insistence that they’re all really happy (*cough* fame *cough*), I want to call shenanigans. I might not know a lot about sisters, but I know that when it comes to having the same genes with another girl, there are a few things you share:

• The blame when getting in trouble.
• Any and all hair products, jewelry, and jackets.
• Secrets with each other.
• The remote.
• Movie snacks and sips of water when it’s really hot outside.

But a boyfriend isn’t one of them. I mean, hello? What if he picked favorites? What do you do when he’s with the other one? What does he do when you inevitably sync up and make his life a literal hell on earth? While it seems like the plot of some strange, D-list movie you’d watch on hangover day, I think living it would be an actual nightmare. I mean, I get pissed off when a girl who kissed my boyfriend five years ago likes his Instagram. I can’t imagine watching him dry hump my identical twin on the reg. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a sister-less bitch with no one to share a penis with.

If you want a promising and everlasting relationship with your sister, I wouldn’t advise going halfsies on a man. But if you want a little bit of fame, a lot of plastic surgery, and maybe some sort of strange baby-daddy situation, feel free to give it a go! I mean, come on. What could go wrong?

Image via Instagram

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