These Viral Lip-Syncing Delt Sigs Did Something Awesome With Their Free Taylor Swift Tickets

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About a year ago, Transylvania University’s Delta Sigma Phi released an incredible one take lip dub for Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” This was some really impressive stuff, guys. It starts with an adorable Delt Sig in a suspiciously clean bedroom, waking up with a shot party-type hangover. He pops an Advil, and he and his equally attractive brothers proceed to “Shake It Off” in a one shot masterpiece packed with blazers and costumes. So basically, everything your wildest dreams are made of. To give you a reference point of how awesome it was, you should know that I fucking hate Taylor Swift, but I watched the thing approximately four hundred times.

Cute, right? I’d like to move somewhere across the world where polygamy is legal and marry both the short beard and the the tall drink of water from 2:56. But I digress.

The video gained a ton of attention, probably because about half of the world’s population has A) a vagina, and B) a nose located halfway up Taylor Swift’s ass. Pretty soon Tay herself saw the video, and promised 2 concert tickets to each man involved. It was a well-deserved recognition and for a brief moment, viral media portrayed Greeks in a positive light.

Well, that concert was last night, and you’ll never guess who the boys invited to join them. Every one of the 37 Delt Sigs used his extra ticket–despite the fact that you just know every sorority girl on campus would be dying to go–to bring a kid enrolled in Lexington’s Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. These guys used their reward to make a kid’s day just a little bit brighter, and this whole scenerio is officially cute enough for an audible “AWWWW!”. One of the video’s producers, Barton Lynch, told local news, “We all thought this is just a gift, and it would be a shame not to do something good with it.” As it turns out, this isn’t the first charitable action the fraternity has taken. When the video first went viral, they used their YouTube channel to raise money for leukemia.

It’s nice to see stories like this and remember how much Greek life benefits the community. This was a great way to give back, and it reflects well on the entire Greek community when chapters pull awesome moves like this. Hats off to Delt Sig for their charitable outlook and dorky dancing. Well done, boys.

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