Thigh Brows Over Eyebrows?

Thighbrows > Eyebrows

#ThighGapNation has a new rival. Recently, the newest body trend is #ThighBrows. This is the small fold created at the top of your hips when you kneel or squat forward. The Kardashians, Rihanna, and Beyonce have all posted pictures on Instagram of their thighbrows on fleek. Besides the worldwide trending hashtag, accounts specifically dedicated to our legs bending have been created. So body image issues are cured, right?


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While I’m personally excited that I finally have a body part that has its own hashtag (I have no thigh gap, no butt, and I’m desperately waiting for #TittyCity to catch on), this is not what women need. Curvier women are viewing this new idea as body positive. Thighbrows, also known as frongs (front thongs), are a much more attainable goal than a thigh gap, however it is required that you have a flat stomach to be able to see the thighbrows. You also have to have thick thighs but small enough hips that keeps the thighbrows from being a thighbush. It’s just another item to add to our list of unattainable attributes.

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We are still obsessing over how we look. As soon as we stop objectifying even the smallest things, like creases our joints make, then the rest of the world will. When small parts of our body still make the news, it’s sending a message to women that they are nothing but a conglomeration of physical characteristics. It’s also sending a message to men that they can continue to pay attention to what we are capable of looking like instead of what we are capable of doing. Men don’t have to worry about if their bodies are trending. The only thing that they got was Dad Bod, which literally celebrated their imperfections.

The latest style should be worn on our bodies instead of making our bodies the latest style. What’s next, #MadCalves?

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