Thinking About Downloading The Kardashian Apps? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Let’s face it, most of us just can’t get enough of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters. As much as you want to lie to yourself and proclaim that their new apps are “stupid,” in the back of your head you’re dying to see what all the hype is about.

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. In case you felt alone in your curiosity, Kylie’s app is actually the number one app on the free app chart right now. Yup, we’re all just a bunch of obsessed crazies. If you want to know what they’re all about before taking up precious space on your phone, here’s the lowdown.

First off, you may notice that each app is free on the app store! Well that’s a big, dirty lie! While the download is free, there is a subscription fee of $3 a month. However, you can get the first week for free, before falling into the rabbit hole and deciding to pay for it anyway. Make sure you cancel your subscription after the first week, or those hoes will charge you.

Basically, the apps are a digital version of what it would look like if each sister had a magazine. Each app has beauty and style tips, little personal memos, and the best part, how to recreate their looks for less!


I love Kim, but her app seems to lack personality. While it does have tons of content, her videos come off a wee bit bitchy and lifeless. Maybe that’s her aesthetic. Who knows. Kim’s app is divided into five sections: Beauty, Style, Obsessed, BTS, and Q+A.

The beauty portion is everything you’d expect. She’s got everything from detailed makeup video tutorials from her glam squad (learn to upgrade your contour game, girl), to tips and her favorite trends.


If you like “what’s in my handbag” type magazine features, or secretly want to go through other people’s cabinets and drawers, then you’ll love the obsessed section. It’s basically her current obsessions and favorite products, which believe it or not are affordable.

Overall: Meh.


I LOVE KHLOÉ’S APP. Hers is the most down-to-Earth and relatable to your average person’s day-to-day. Her app is divided into four sections: Khloé XO, Glam, Fit, and Video.

Since Khloé claims that her rump is indeed real (I’m still on the fence), and a product of intense fitness, she includes videos inside her training sessions. Super helpful for those monthly workout inclinations.

For fellow organizational freaks, she includes how she keeps her home organized, which is OCD crack.


Overall: YASSSSS.


If you like feeling fat, poor, and unsuccessful, I highly recommend downloading Kendall’s app! The four sections of her app are: Life, Model, Style, and Travel.

Highlights include a video of Kendall throwing out “old” clothes and accessories from not one, not two, but all five of her closets. Same.


Overall: Womp. Womp. Womp.


I was most excited to see Kylie’s app. She is a beauty Houdini, and I must know all the secrets behind the smoke and mirrors! When I initially downloaded the app, I couldn’t even get in due to high traffic. So yeah, haters, Kylie is laughing all the way to the bank. The app contains three sections: Radio, Looks, and Life.

Kylie’s app answers all those question you’ve been dying to ask. She addresses boob job rumors, and I have to say I believe her. She goes on camera and shows us her before and after, and how we can all get her va va boom cleavage. Much appreciated, gurl.

Like on Kim’s app, she also has video tutorial of her glam squad giving out all of her makeup secrets. Unlike Kim’s app, her tutorial begins makeup free. She has pimples too! Who knew? <3 Also, the transformation from beginning to end is completely insane. ljyg-CS1

Overall: Take my money.


Sadly, interior design guru Kourtney doesn’t have an app…yet. Kris says that Kourtney was too busy giving birth and raising an infant? Weird. Luckily, it will be available next month.

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