This 102-Year-Old Baller Says That Drinking Beer Is The Secret To A Long Life

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I really like old people. They’re cute, and brutally honest, and they kind of remind me of raisins, which I love. I would probably even prefer old people to babies. I realize that’s an unpopular opinion, but I need a little conversation to keep me interested, and old people always have the funniest shit to say.

Mildred Bowers is a 102-year-old Mount Pleasant woman. Mildred, a.k.a. “Millie,” lived through the great depression, and even managed to stay kickin’ long after her two husbands, with whom she had zero children. That alone is enough for me to respect the shit out of her, but here’s the best part: Millie attributes her longevity not to exercise or healthy eating, but to beer.

This chick is older than dirt, and still drinking daily in her assisted living home. Apparently the idea came about when she asked some nurses if she would be able to dabble in a little happy hour every afternoon, to which the nurses responded, “Why not?” I guess they figured that since our gal has made it this far, a little booze couldn’t hurt, right? I don’t know. Only thing I can be sure of is that there’s a good chance this lady might be my long lost great grandmother, even though I have it on good authority that my liver will crap out long before I’m 102.

Is it too late to give her a bid?

[via Live 5 News]

Image via Live 5 News

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