This $45,000 Thanksgiving Dinner Actually Sounds Like A Good Deal

This $45,000 Thanksgiving Dinner Actually Sounds Like A Good Deal

Got a boyfriend that won’t commit and $45,000? Book yourself a Thanksgiving dinner at the NYC Old Homestead Steakhouse and get ready to update your Facebook relationship status from “It’s complicated” to “Engaged.”

Sure, $45,000 may seem a bit steep for a Thanksgiving meal – especially when you can go to Grandma’s for all-you-can-eat pumpkin pie at no cost, but as we like to say during recruitment, you’re paying for quality, not quantity. This meal isn’t your typical family potluck. You’ll be served a free-range turkey stuffed with imported Wagu beef, foie gras, caviar, truffle butternut squash, homemade pumpkin ice cream, and bourbon-infused gravy that goes for $4,900 a bottle. If that doesn’t sell you, you’ll also get a bottle of Cristal and Dom Perignon, plus a couple of bottles of wine to boot.

The best part? Wagu beef won’t be all that’s inside your turkey. Your $45,000 also gets you a 2-carat emerald-cut diamond ring, making those awkward questions from your mom about why she doesn’t have grandkids yet a little easier to suffer through. I’ve personally always been worried about a proposal that involves a ring and food together because let’s be honest, there’s food in front of me, I’m hungry, and I’m pretty sure a ring will look better on my finger than somewhere in my digestive tract. But not to worry – you’ll have a waiter by your side at all times to make sure that the only place that ring is going is on your finger. Your tab also includes some awesome extra bonuses like a $7,500 Black Friday shopping trip to Bergdorf’s, so at this point, I’m honestly thinking this sounds like a hell of a bargain.

There you have it, ladies. Bat your eyelashes, ask Daddy to increase his credit line again “for emergencies,” and you’ll have your ring well before spring.

[via Forbes]

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