This Ballet Duet To Adele’s “Love In The Dark” Is Absolutely Breathtaking

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I could watch dance videos on Youtube literally all day long, just one after another after another. They’re mesmerizing, and I wasn’t even in dance as a kid or in high school so I can’t even tell you what’s happening or why they’re so good and addicting to watch, they just…are.

This dance choreographed by Will B. Bell and performed by DJ Smart and Zola Williams is so, so good. It’s set to Adele’s “Love In The Dark,” and the combination of Adele’s sweet, sultry voice and these dancers powerful yet beautiful moves is hypnotizing. It makes my eyes happy, weirdly? Just watch.

Curse my mom for never putting me in ballet as a child.

[via Vimeo]

Image via Vimeo

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