This Beauty Blogger Cut Her Hair To Fill In Her Eyebrows And It’s Kind Of Insane

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Every girl wants perfect eyebrows. If you were to walk into a Sephora and throw a rock, you would hit someone who would literally cut a bitch to have Kardashian-level brows. I spend more time staring at my own eyebrows than I care to admit, and I know I’m not alone in this obsession.

Stephanie Lange, a makeup artist from Sydney, has apparently decided that pencils, gels, and powders aren’t the way to achieve the perfect brow. She uploaded a video of herself LITERALLY CUTTING HAIR OFF OF HER HEAD AND GLUING IT TO HER EYEBROWS. She starts out by explaining that she has relatively thin eyebrows because she over plucked them as a teen, which totally proves that you shouldn’t partake in any beauty fads that will totally fuck up your face. She then proceeds to take a “little snip” (which was actually like a full inch and totally made me flinch) of her hair and begins gluing tiny strands to her face. It’s really bizarre and doesn’t look awesome, but it’s kind of mesmerizing to watch the process unfold. It’s also comforting to hear her face reality when she openly admits, “I do have to put in a disclaimer here that this could all go horribly wrong.” You have to see this shit.

I do not think I will be trying this.

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