This Beauty Blogger Swears The Secret To Softer Looking Skin Is Semen Facials

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Girls do a lot of things in the name of beauty. We shave everything below the neck, we get certain things waxed, we might even go under the knife, and we’re willing to endure all this pain and suffering because we want to be hot. That’s all anyone wants, right?

I’d do anything for good looks, but I won’t do this.

Beauty blogger Tracey Kiss regularly applies semen directly to her face as a sort of mask. She has a skin condition called rosacea, and she swears that this part of her beauty regimen is what keeps the redness she gets from her rosacea at bay. She says a beautician told her to treat her rosacea with an acid facial, but the mother of two wanted something more “natural.” Of fucking course.

Honestly, this sounds like something your asshole boyfriend would say to agree to letting him give her a money shot. “Come on, babe, please let me do it? It’s good for your skin!” As fake as it sounds, it’s real. Tracey says the semen facial is cooling, moisturizing, and good for sensitive skin.

Watch her show you how to apply the semen facial if you can stomach it:

You probably won’t be able to get through the whole thing. I tapped out at around twelve minutes, when she started dipping her finger in the Chinese takeout cup to show the consistency. We all know the consistency. It’s not pleasant.

The best (or worst) part about this video is when she explains that she’s single, meaning she gets the sample from a friend, who regularly jizzes in a cup for her to put on her face. That’s either a really good friend or a really creepy guy. Maybe both?

Tracy mentions how her “donor” is healthy, eats well, drinks a lot of water, and doesn’t do drugs or drink alcohol before giving her his seed, but she doesn’t once mention a little thing called STIs. If I suddenly had a brain aneurysm and decided to try this at-home mask, the first thing I would do is get the guy checked for everything under the sun. Sure, Tracy makes sure this guy only eats a organic non-GMO gluten free vegan diet, but maybe he likes to get a little freaky on the weekends to make up for his sad life without pasta or bread. She could literally be rubbing herpes all over her face, and she wouldn’t even know it.

I’ll sit this one out, thanks.

[via Elite Daily]

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