This Bride Stopped Everyone In Their Tracks With This Surprise Dance

Meet Renata. She’s a professional dancer and pinup model. She married her fiancé, Victor, over the summer in a beyond gorgeous Miami wedding. While the ceremony looked beautifully traditional, the reception — not so much.

It went from church service to burlesque club real quick.

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To set the mood for the evening, Victor and his groomsmen pulled out an impressive choreographed dance routine. Gotta give that group of dudes a big round of applause, because I don’t think most guys would even think about taking the time out to rehearse a dance, even if it was for their friend’s wedding. Then things got a little more “Magic Mike” during the garter removal. I hope grandma had her eyes closed.

You know those days when you’re blasting your music in your room? You get all up in the music, basically rocking out in your own little music video. We all do it. A little lip syncing in the hair brush, a lot of dancing, and probably watching yourself in the mirror. That’s basically what Renata did in her surprise dance.

And homegirl completely KILLED it. If I had to imagine what went on at Beyoncé’s wedding, I would assume it went a little something like this. And for a little icing on top, she included backup dancers and a whole lot of confident strutting.

I don’t care what any of you say. Choreographed weddings ftw.

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