This Bride’s Incredible Beyoncé-Themed Dance Routine Is Literally Flawless

beyonce wedding routine

You think your wedding is going to perfect. You’ll have the perfect theme, the perfect cake, the perfect dress, and everything will go exactly as planned. Even if your wedding goes off without a hitch, I can tell you right now that your wedding will look like absolute trash next to Melissa Molinaro’s.

Melissa Molinaro is a professional dancer and singer and she turned her wedding into a freaking performance. She put on a flawless routine to Beyoncé’s “Upgrade U” and “End of Time,” and I’m just warning you now, watching it will probably make you hate everything about yourself (but watch it anyway because it’s just that good).

She posted a teaser of the video to Instagram, saying, “My husband always told me his favorite thing is to watch me perform so you know I had to give him the performance of a lifetime! This is all for you boo!”

That was great and all, but can we talk about that bridal leotard?! Completely obsessed.

The entire performance is seven minutes long, and although Melissa is an incredible dancer, my favorite part of the video is watching her husband watch her.

If you don’t hate yourself enough after watching that, here are some pictures from her wedding to make you feel even more inferior about you own pathetic life!

It's you it has always been you, God created you just for me.

A photo posted by Melissa Molinaro (@melissamolinaro) on

Sooooo happy for her! Really! Happy and not jealous at all!

[via Hello Giggles]

Image via Youtube

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