This Chilling Toy Campaign Sends A Message To Little Girls That Is Eerily Beautiful

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It’s no secret that Barbie, while fun to play with, put her in various accessories, brush her hair, and undress her everywhere, etc., is quite possibly the worst thing to happen to a little girl’s self esteem since…you know something, I don’t have an analogy for this. It’s possible that Barbie dolls are patient zero for little girls’ body image issues.

As far as dolls go, little girls don’t have much to go on. Barbie Dolls set an impossible standard of beauty while bringing up important questions about how her vital organs can fit in such a tiny frame. American Girl dolls are throwing away their historical origins in favor of more modern, personalized upbringings. Bratz dolls look like baby prostitutes with dangerously large heads. What’s a girl to do when faced with such a limited selection?

Why, set the world on fire with a rebellious, badass new toy that shows girls kick ass and take names, of course. I’d like to introduce GoldieBlox, which is here to take on the status quo and kick traditional fashion dolls to the curb: “Other dolls are built for fashion, Goldie is built for action.”

GoldieBlox is an engineering toy for girls that made waves last year with a viral video and Kickstarter campaign. Now, it’s back with a new ad that features an Orwellian setting in which fashion dolls, and the girls who play with them, are put together on an assembly line, forcing them to all look and act the same way, until one brave girl steps up and breaks the machine.

If you didn’t get the douchiest of douche chills watching that commercial, check your pulse, my friends. It reminds me of the famous Super Bowl ad from 1984 that put Apple on the map.

The dolls are designed to take away some of the “math anxiety” from little girls who see male genius characters on TV that are cool and awesome, which are foiled with smart female characters, who usually fall into the nerdy, awkward, or geeky trope.

“There’s Bob the Builder, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Jimmy Neutron–they’re all boys with IQs off the chart,” says GoldieBlox creator Debbie Sterling. “That’s intimidating for all kids, but particularly for girls who suffer from this thing called math anxiety where they have really, really high standards for themselves when it comes to math.”

Ladies, you may be too old to play with dolls. I don’t know your lives. But if you have a little sister, a cousin, a niece, a friend’s kid, a neighbor kid, a kid you babysit, or whoever and you need to get her something for the holidays, I wholeheartedly recommend a GoldieBlox. There are action figures, books, building sets, and all sorts of things to get anyone interested in math, engineering or building. Instead of plunking down $100 for the new Barbie dream house, why not buy her a GoldieBlox action figure. Who knows? It might change her life.

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