This City Makes It Easiest To Find Love


If you’re a single girl, you probably know what it’s like to go to ridiculous lengths to find love. We make Tinder profiles in attempts to wade through the sea of assholes in search of Prince Charming, and we spend three hours contouring for a first date that’s cut short when he starts showing you pictures of the ingrown toenail he got after contracting a fungus from the Coachella showers last year. Finding love is hard, to put it simply. And, as it turns out, you might be making it harder on yourself based on where you live. That’s right. According to a touring event called “The Great Love Debate,” which pulled data from 35,000 audience members since 2014, there is an actual physical location in the United States that’s best for dating—and *drum roll* it’s Chicago.

So, if you’re a single lady living in the Windy City, your chances of finding love are already increased based solely on geographical location. The producer of the event credits the attractiveness and diversity of the population, sense of civic pride, confidence within the dating community, and the vibrancy of the social scene with the city’s dating success. If you’re like me and a little skeptical of uprooting yourself to the Midwest (I like beaches, sorry) this evidence should be enough to convince you to relocate.

If Chicago isn’t in the cards for you, don’t worry—there’s still hope you won’t die alone. The next four cities in line where you’re most likely to find love are Lexington KY, Charlotte NC, Washington DC, and Denver, CO. Anyone down for a road trip?

[via Chicago Tribune]

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