This Company Will Pay For Your Wedding, But If You Ever Get Divorced You Have To Pay Them Back… With Interest


No one who gets married ever thinks they’re going to get a divorce. Even your 19-year-old friend on Facebook who announces she’s married with a picture outside the county courthouse thinks it’s going to last forever. Regardless of everyone’s naive delusion, about 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.

A company called Swanluv believes in love and the sanctity of marriage. They are willing to pay for your wedding (up to $10,000, so don’t get too excited) because they want people to be happy. Or, if you look at it another way, they’re betting that your marriage will fail and that they’ll get their money back, plus more.

Swanluv is happy to pay for your wedding, but if you ever get divorced, they’re going to give you a big “fuck you” in the form of a debt to them. They’ll make you pay back the $10,000 PLUS interest, which is determined based on your compatibility. That’s right, before you even say “I do,” this company will bet a monetary amount on how good of a couple you are.

This isn’t a test to see if a couple can make it past the first few difficult years of marriage. This contract lasts for life. Even if you get divorced at 89, you still have to pay them back.

If you’ve taken out a loan for college, you know how high interest rates can be. Swanluv promises the interest rates “won’t be too crazy,” but getting divorced is an expensive process in and of itself. Tack on child support, lawyer fees, alimony, and then you still have to shell out $10,000+. That’s one expensive mistake.

Although Swanluv’s entire business model depends on couples breaking up, they insist their motives are pure. The average cost of a wedding these days is $31,213, and that’s excluding the honeymoon. Weddings are supposed to be about love and celebrating the union of two people, and for those who can’t afford drop that kind of cash on one day, money can sometimes get in the way of that. “Swans, they mate for life,” said co-founder Scott Avy. “That’s what we’re trying to get behind, everlasting marriage.”

Luckily, or maybe unluckily, the contract includes a clause that charges only one partner if abuse is what ends a marriage.

The site goes live in February, so if you’re getting married soon and you feel like betting a few tens of thousands of dollars on your relationship, you can sign up here.

[via Washington Post]

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