This Couple Took Their Wedding Photos In The Middle Of The Blizzard And They’re Incredible

When Carmen and Kevin started planning their perfect winter wedding last year, they had no idea their wedding would be the weekend that winter storm Jonas would hit. As their wedding date approached, the couple realized that the storm was supposed to hit hardest on January 23 — the day they planned to say “I do.”

“At our last meeting Carmen had joked about how pretty it would be to have some snow on her wedding day; but I think she got far more than she was hoping for,” photographer Jeffrey Sabotta told BuzzFeed.

Dozens of guest cancelled their plans to see the happy couple get married because of the storm, but Carmen and Kevin went forward with the wedding anyway. They made the trek over to the church in two feet of snow and 45 mile per hour winds. “The bride and groom were troopers,” said Sabotta. “They laced up their snow boots and headed out into the snow and wind for pictures to commemorate their big day in the big snow.”

Braving the storm was worth it, because the pictures that came out of their winter wonderland photoshoot are absolutely breathtaking.

You can’t even tell they were in the middle of a blizzard.

[via BuzzFeed]

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