This Dude Followed His Girlfriend On Spring Break Because She “Shouldn’t Go Without A Chaperone”

This Dude Followed His Girlfriend On Spring Break To Because She "Shouldn't Go Without A Chaperone"

Spring break is a time for us to go away with our friends, drink our faces off, and use said drinking as an excuse for any poor decisions we may make. For anyone who’s in a relationship at this time, it can be difficult when your significant other goes on spring break without you. You wonder where they are, what they are doing, and most importantly, who they are doing it with. Such insecurities are normal when your other half is spending a week in sun-and-booze drenched debauchery. What’s not normal? Taking to the internet to raise funds so you can show up on your girlfriend’s spring break trip to “surprise” her.

But that’s exactly what 25-year-old Azel Prather Jr. of Glendarden, MD did. When his girlfriend booked a trip to Miami for spring break with her girlfriends, Azel pretty much freaked the fuck out. Instead of letting her go off with her friends, he instead started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a ticket of his own, stating “If you know anything about Miami, you know that she shouldn’t go without a chaperone.” He went on to say, “I will be staying wherever she lays her head, eating whatever she eats, and overseeing all parties and fun activitiy (sic) for the duration of the trip.”

Now, I know we’ve all donated to noble causes online, but will we really sponsor what is essentially stalking? Turns out we will. Thanks to a mention by the Washington Post, Azel raised the money for his flight and is currently enjoying spring break with his girlfriend in Miami.

The happy couple:

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A note to Mr. Prather’s girlfriend: Sweetie, I don’t know your name – Azel never mentions it – but get out. Get out now. Any man that doesn’t trust you to enjoy a few days of sun and fun with your friends without showing up to “chaperone” is not a man you need to be dating. And while we’re here, a man who’s too poor at 25 to afford his own vacation is also not a man you need to be dating. Believe that.

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