This Giant Red Button Will Finally Give You A “Gilmore Girls” Relationship With Your Mom

Red Button Mom

Pregame. Drink.
Go out. Drink.
Get home. Drink (oh, and eat delicious, carb-filled drunk food).
Wake up. Realize you never texted your mom saying that you were safe and find 23 texts, 14 missed calls, and 10 voicemails from her.


It seems pretty basic. Our moms love us. They want to know that we’re safe. We love them. We want them to feel at ease, so we let them know that we’re safe. Easy peasy. For the most part, we’re pretty good at this whole communication thing. Every now and again, however, (Thursday to Saturday) we’re not the best at checking in. Sure, we could blame it on the alcohol, and actually, we will, because it’s 100 percent alcohol’s fault. Despite the fact that we love our moms, we’re not exactly ready to say goodbye to the booze. Luckily, there’s something that can help us. Not only will it make our moms sleep better at night, but it’s easy enough for a tequila-filled sorority girl to figure out.

Enter: the imHome button. It’s literally a giant red button that you press, and it immediately sends your mom (or whoever your “check-in” person is) a text saying that you’re home safe.



The app was created by a son who got annoyed with his mom’s constant nagging.  At first, he figured he would just ignore his mom all together, but then, after messing around online and reading some stories about mother-child relationships, he had a different thought. Someday, he’ll wish his mom was still here to annoy him. (Yeah, I bet you didn’t expect this emotional turn. It’s okay, I’ll wait while you pull yourself together.) In his story online, Kevin Xu goes on to say:

For some reason that comment has stayed in my mind since then. It’s been a constant reminder that that day will eventually come and I would give anything to have my mom call me again. Anything.

So he created an app just for his mommy. Not only does it let your mom know that you’re home, but it allows you to “like” texts, share photos in a “Tinder-like” gallery (obviously with different content), and have read receipts on for her, so she knows if you’re alive.

Basically, it’s the smartest thing ever. And not to sound like a total mom, but in this day and age, there is absolutely nothing lame about letting someone know that you’re safe. Not only could this put moms’ minds at ease, but it could save lives. Four for you, Kevin Xu. You go, Kevin Xu. Oh, and now that our relationships with our moms are perfect, if someone wants to make the following giant red buttons, that would be great:

– One that deletes a text message (or messages, let’s be real) to an ex that you sent and immediately regretted.
– One that makes you the perfect post-going out snack.
– One that makes your leg hair disappear.
– One that makes wine appear.
– One that tells you you’re pretty. Because honestly? We never get tired of hearing that.

[via Elite Daily, imHome]

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