This Girl Printed Out Her Roommate’s Subtweets About Her And Hung Them In Their Dorm

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Living with someone is really hard. Living with someone you don’t like is even harder. If you’ve had a bad roommate, you understand the struggle. Some people try to avoid the roommate problem by spending every waking minute outside the shared space, others survive by making passive aggressive comments here and there, and other people let out their aggressions in the form of subtweets. That’s how one girl at Penn State reacted when her roommate pissed her off, but things got even more awkward when her roommate found those subtweets and confronted her about it… by hanging them up in their dorm room as decoration.

The subtweets say things like “Two weeks down and I already hate my roommate,” “My roommate situation is a horror story,” and right after that one, “update: my roommate has whooping cough.” I’m sorry, but you can’t hate your roommate for being sick. I know, I know, it’s annoying, but where is she supposed to go?!

The thing about subtweets is that you have to either make them vague enough that the person you’re subtweeting about wouldn’t automatically assume it’s them, or if you directly call the person out, like in this instance, you have to make absolutely sure that the person would never find your Twitter. But because this is 2016 and everyone over the age of 12 knows how to use the internet, that second one is pretty much impossible, and Jessica, the girl who tweeted this, has every right to call her roommate out for not only being an asshole but also an idiot.

The tweet blew up and everyone applauded Jessica for her savage move. I guess her roommate caught wind of the tweet as it was blowing up and texted Jessica these messages, apologizing for her subtweets but also defending her actions because Jessica had weed in the room.


Listen. I get that if you’re not “420 friendly,” you might not want your roommate to smoke in your room. But according to those texts, Jessica wasn’t even smoking the weed in their dorm. She simply had weed in the room, which was enough to send this narc running to tell their RA. That’s like telling on your roommate for having alcohol in the room. Yeah, it’s illegal, but everyone does it so don’t be a fucking bitch about it. It could be worse. Much, much worse.

Jessica is moving out, according to her Twitter, and I sincerely hope she gets replaced with a roommate who doesn’t shower, leaves food out until it gets nasty, and watches Netflix until 3 a.m. without headphones. Maybe then Jessica’s soon-to-be ex-roommate will realize how good she had it.

[via Twitter]

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