This Girl Took Jimmy Fallon To Her Sorority’s Formal

This Girl Took Jimmy Fallon To Her Sorority's Formal

The following is an actual text conversation I had with my sorority’s special events chair in the days leading up to formal.

“Hey, are you bringing a date to formal?”

“Stop pressuring me.”

“Veronica, I need to submit the final list of names to the venue, and I can’t tell them there will be 212 people and one shower head as you’ve written on the signup sheet.”

“You’re being a real bitch, you know that?”

“Are you drunk right now?”

“Are YOU drunk right now?”

“It’s 2pm on a Tuesday.”

“Stop judging me. I’ll find a date.”

So you see, the anxiety that comes with searching for the perfect date is real. And while my shower head was non-portable and inappropriate — possible grounds for termination, actually — there are fictional date options that won’t get you in trouble, and make for much better pictures.

A Phi Sigma Sigma named Niki Russo at Montclair State University brought Jimmy Fallon to her sorority’s Gatsby themed formal this year. Sort of. The two made a beautiful pair.

He took cute candids with her.

A photo posted by Nikilynnnn (@nikilynn14) on

He posed for a stack photo.

Welcome to the America Branch Jimmy! #FallonGoes2Formal

A photo posted by Nikilynnnn (@nikilynn14) on

He tore up the dance floor.

When @jimmyfallon overlooks the party to see his fans. #fallongoes2formal @jimmyfallon @fallontonight

A photo posted by Jimmy Sapphire (@fallongoes2formal) on

Took some time to pal around with her friends’ dates.

#fallongoes2formal @jimmyfallon @fallontonight

A photo posted by Jimmy Sapphire (@fallongoes2formal) on

And snuggled up close when the night came to an end.

#fallongoes2formal made it to the after party @fallontonight

A photo posted by Jimmy Sapphire (@fallongoes2formal) on

And as for their relationship now? Everything’s coming up roses.

I’m rooting for Niki and Jimmy until the day I die.

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