This Girl Took Screenshots Of Offensive Tinder Messages And Sent Them To The Offender’s Mother

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Lately, my faith in the male population has started to dwindle. I’ve specifically lost faith in the ones on online dating sites and apps like Tinder and OkCupid. I mean, the creepy pickup lines, the angry dudes yelling at you for no reason. It makes online dating more of a struggle than a good time. So what’s a girl to do? How can we fight back against the population of crazy dudes getting pissed about imagined slights? How can we keep guys from popping up with lines like, “I want to paint you green and spank you like a bad avocado”? Well, Lori Zalabak had one idea.

Lori downloaded Tinder recently and met this SUPER charming guy who began their conversation with “Nice to meet you, how big are your tits?” Yeah. He’s THAT guy. When Lori doesn’t respond with her breast size (because, you know, not all girls want to reveal that information to some random guy on the internet) he calls her a “dog slut piece of shit,” and then blames it on “autocorrect.” (Why is blaming the insulting things you say on autocorrect even a thing?) Lori, who is apparently the most ingenious woman ever, isn’t going to let him talk to her like that. Instead of arguing back, which probably would have made him angrier, she looks him up on Facebook. And then she finds his mother. What she does next is absolutely the best way to handle creepy guys I’ve ever heard of: she sends a screenshot of the conversation to his mom and lets her know she was “not pleased with his word choice with [her] and how he spoke to [her]” and that she doubts his mother would be, either. As of now, his mother hasn’t replied. I’d like to assume it’s because she’s too busy kicking her son’s ass for being a pervy, misogynistic creep.

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Can we make showing these guys’ moms the creepy, disrespectful things they say to us a regular thing? Because it’s the best way to fight back against online creeps I have ever heard. We finally have a weapon to use against them: their mothers. Good job, Lori, and good luck to the ladies of the online dating world. And guys, please stop being creepy. Seriously.

[via Buzzfeed]

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