This Girl Used Her Boyfriend’s Balls As A Beauty Blender As If That’s What The Internet Needed

balls beauty blender

You kids and your crazy Instagram challenges. Using only highlight, using only lowlight, using only glitter, dying your hair insane colors that are the bane of Rachel Varina’s existence. But this. THIS. This has easily got to be the worst beauty-related video I’ve ever seen with mine own two eyes, and it better not become the next trend.

For legal reasons, we can not put the video on the site, but please enjoy watching a girl use her boyfriend’s balls as a beauty blender by clicking here.

First and foremost, how is this allowed? Like on the internet? I mean I know you can basically find whatever wild shit that you want, but at some point there has got to be some sort of line. For example, rubbing balls on your face to smooth out your makeup. It’s funny in theory. Like, if you said out loud “OMG beauty blenders look like balls, what if you used balls as a beauty blender?” I would laugh. The mental image is enough. But noOoOoOo. This girl had to take the joke too far and actually do it.

Also, I thought we were in this together that balls are meant to be ignored. Because they are shrively and gross. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Yeah, Cosmo says to play with his balls when you’re giving a b’jay, but they also say tickle his taint with a feather, and no one just has feathers laying around.

According to this scientific poll, only 59% percent of people wanted to see any balls-on-face action, which is not enough people. You’d need at least a resounding 80% to get away with it. Which is probably why the internet has exploded.

In conclusion, balls are gross. This is gross. I’m gross for watching the video twice. It’s all gross.

[via Buzzfeed]

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