This Girl Was Stalked, Harassed, And Solicited For Sex After Applying For A Job On Craigslist

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One of the easiest ways to look for jobs right now is to zip on over to Craigslist and just search for them. We all heard about the Craigslist killer, and there are all sorts of stories of people getting stalked from connecting with the wrong person, but that could NEVER happen to us, right? Well, it can, because it happened to me.

In the summer, I decided to find a second job. Since I found my first one through Craigslist, I figured it would be easiest to go right back there and find a job where I could work overnight shifts. I found an ad asking for girls who wanted to be beer tub or shot girls. I had friends who were working jobs like that, and they seemed to really enjoy them. They also got some pretty great tips, so I figured, why not?

The ad asked for headshots and full-length pictures along with my résumé, so I found my best collection of cute pictures and sent them in. The first message I got back told me how cute I was. The second asked if I was interested in a different kind of position. When I asked him what it was, he told me that he would pay me $300 a week to have sex with him, provided my, er, oral skills were to his liking. I declined his offer, but it didn’t stop there. Like any professional person looking for a job, my phone number was on my résumé. He called me. When I declined again, I honestly thought he would stop. But he kept emailing. He would call from a blocked number and hang up as soon as I answered.

Honestly, I was afraid. My address was on my résumé, too–what if he came to my house? I was embarrassed that I had gotten myself into this situation, because, believe me, I knew better. But this wasn’t something I ever imagined happening to me.

Fortunately, after a couple weeks, his phone calls stopped and his emails quit coming. But I know just how lucky I was that he quit and things didn’t get more serious. There are times that I wish I had managed to get a name, a phone number, even the name of the club, so that I could stop him from going after other girls the way he did with me. There are other times that I wonder if he even worked for a club, or if he just wanted to find a girl naïve enough to hook up with him for money.

Ladies, if you’re braving the treacherous waters of Craigslist, please, please, PLEASE be careful. What happened to me was nothing compared to what could have happened, and what could still happen, to any of you. Be safe, be smart, and any time someone makes you uncomfortable, remember that you don’t have to respond to him or her. You have the right to end any conversation that gets inappropriate. I’m begging you, girls–please be safe.

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