This Girl’s Epic Text Bomb Is Insane…Or Maybe She’s Just Misunderstood

This Girl's Epic Text Bomb Is Insane...Or Maybe She's Just Misunderstood

An imgur user named ajaxrocky recently posted a series of text messages from a girl he calls “Crazy Chick.” He claims the two never dated, and who knows if it’s true, but honestly, this girl just seems misunderstood if you ask me.


Crazy Text 1

Crazy Text 2

Crazy Text 3

Crazy Text 4

Crazy Text 5

Crazy Text 6

Crazy Text 7

Crazy Text 8

Crazy Text 9

Crazy Text 10

Crazy Text 11

Okay, so the “I’m so rich and pretty” comments are weird, but like, maybe they’re true. Homegirl just seems like she’s upset a guy she was sleeping with wasn’t responding to her messages. It’s valid. And it’s a hell of a lot more sane than this chick if you ask me.

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