This Guy Is Going Out For Coffee With All 1,088 Of His Facebook Friends

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LOL Facebook friends. Remember how we used to collect them like it was our one purpose in life? (I mean, at the age of 16, it basically was.) When we hit 1,000 friends, we thought we were the most popular person on the entire planet. And now? Now we’re friends with our ex-boyfriend’s estranged aunt, our orthodontist’s daughter, and that girl we’ve never spoken to, but we’re pretty sure she dated our fifth grade boyfriend. AKA, we aren’t actually “friends,” with many of the people we’ve “accepted” on the social network.

Matt Kuleza thought that was pretty silly, so he decided to change it.

The 28-year-old Aussie plans to sit down, face-to-face, with all of his 1,088 Facebook friends for coffee and, like, genuine conversation. Yes, he plans to meet with every single one of them. He estimates it will take him more than three years.

It all started when he was about to do the ol’ Facebook purge and delete people he didn’t know or hadn’t connected with in a while. However, he then decided that he “should see if he could get to know them instead,” which not only seems daunting, but also emotionally tolling, considering the fact that a lot of my “friends” on social media networks are people I hate and are only still connected with so I can keep tabs on them. But Matt says that this whole project is “changing his life for the better.” And yes, he said that even after he met with an ex-girlfriend for the experiment.

He hopes that with this movement, he can change the purpose of social media as it has become. In a society where people stare at their phones instead of into the eyes of the people they’re with, Matt hopes that we can use the sites for what they were made for: keeping us connected so we can have better relationships, not just so we can appear “cool.”

And I guess there’s something to be said for branching out and having genuine conversations as opposed to staring at a screen. Since the experiment started at the beginning of September, he has already received two job offers and said his “life has changed.”

He’s calling it 1,000+ Coffees, and, while I salute him for his valiant efforts, I’ll just follow his Tumblr instead of meeting with my Facebook friends. If I had to meet with any of the people I’m “friends” with who I’m not too fond of, I’m pretty sure I’d be locked up for throwing scorching hot coffee on their actual face instead of just mentally bitching them out while stalking their Facebooks. See, Matt? I can be a good person, too.

[via Elite Daily]

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