This Guy Is Trying To Bill A Girl For The Drink He Bought Her When It Didn’t Get Him Laid


Have you ever accepted a drink from a guy without repaying him by playing with his peen? Of course you have. We all have. It’s a totally normal thing, and even though the majority of guys are probably buying us drinks for the slim chance that we might take them home, the majority aren’t going to throw a bitch fit if it doesn’t lead to anything. They aren’t all assholes. Except for this guy– this guy is the worst.

Abby Fenton was recently hanging out at The Viper Rooms, a bar in the UK. A guy named Liam approached her and bought her a drink that cost £6.50. She accepted, they exchanged numbers, and nothing else happened. We can relate—all of us have a few random numbers in our phone that came from guys we never saw past the polite introduction. Sometimes you just don’t click with a guy, so you quickly forget about him and move on with your life.

Except Liam didn’t move on. No, Liam was apparently still feeling bitter about the whole thing a few weeks later, when he texted Abby asking for to reimburse him for the drink he bought her.

I’m so taken aback that I’m going to totally ignore how obnoxious it is that this chick as so many unread messages and instead ask, what the fuck is this guy thinking? He’s really going to sacrifice his dignity for £6.50? That’s like $8.60. Granted, he probably didn’t expect this cheapskate move to be blasted all over the internet, but still. Nine bucks is a hefty price to pay to make an ass out of yourself in front of a complete stranger who you once unsuccessfully tried to woo.

Honestly, I’m hoping she didn’t. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t owe anyone anything, even if they’re sex-deprived and they’ve just bought you an overpriced cocktail. Dude was out of line asking her to pay him back for something he offered to buy for her, and if you ask me, this whole thing was just rude. Every normal guy knows that buying a drink for a girl is a gamble. He needs to catch on and not make a habit of billing women who turn him down. Shit’s tacky as fuck.

[via Elite Daily]

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