This Guy’s Girlfriend And Ex Risk Their Lives To See Who He’ll Save And It’s Insanely Hilarious

Girl Fight

I love stories about crazy ex-girlfriends. I think they’re entertaining and funny and they make me feel better about my obsessive Instagram stalking of girls who have/are dating boys that I have/am dating. Casual, right? Anyway, I recently came across the story of all stories. It involves an ex-girlfriend, a current girlfriend, a cat fight, and both of the bitches literally risking their lives to see which deranged girl would be saved.

According to The Mirror, it all started because our leading man, Wu Hsia broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Jun Tang. Why would he dump her, you ask? Oh, the ever classic “I met someone else.” Apparently as soon as he met Rong Tsao, he wanted to be with her. It’s the age old love story, really. Boy dates girl. Boy loves girl. Boy meets new girl. Boy loves new girl. Boy dumps old girl. Old girl is mad at boy. Old girl goes batshit crazy and harasses boy and new girl for months until they all agree to meet up and talk things over.

So here we are, two girls who love the same guy, and the guy they’re both in love with, all hanging out together. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been in this situation, but I have to tell you, it’s an actual nightmare. There are emotions and tears and almost always a girl-on-girl fight. This time was no exception. Both “ladies” start going at it, until the OG girlfriend, Jun Tang, decides that she’s had enough of this bullshit.

So she jumps in the river. Naturally.

She’s thrashing around in this body of water, begging her ex-boyfriend to save her, when Rong Tsao finally snaps. She’s had enough of this crazy bitch trying to steal her boyfriend back, so what does she do? She jumps in the river too. Apparently she was afraid that Wu would actually save his ex. What else is a girl to do? Remain calm and act mature in this situation because his ex is obviously deranged? LOL nope. So now both girls are in the water, thrashing around, begging to be saved, when Wu jumps in the water. He grabs his current girlfriend, takes her to the hospital, and lets his ex die in the river.

JK. He called his brother, and the fire department, to go out there and save her. Which I’m sure his current girlfriend was disappointed about. But hey, maybe the crazy ex-girlfriend will find love with the brother and they’ll all live awkwardly ever after. That accidental double tap on a picture your ex’s new girlfriend two years ago doesn’t seem so crazy now, huh?

[via The Mirror, Elite Daily]

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