This Guy’s Incredible Pancake Creations Will Make You Feel As Hopeless In The Kitchen As Your Boyfriend

This Guy's Incredible Pancake Creations Will Make You Feel As Hopeless In The Kitchen Than Your Boyfriend

My mother once told me that if I couldn’t crack an egg with one hand, I had no hopes of convincing someone to marry me. Of course that’s just a bunch of nonsense said by an old lady raised by older Italian women with old traditions and old ideals from the old country. As a matter of fact, I cannot crack an egg with one hand, and I am in fact…actually, I’m still very, very single, but that’s not the point. This is America, and here in America, the land of opportunity, it is possible to find a man who can cook, meaning you don’t have to. He might even know how to crack an egg with one hand — or he might even be able to do more than that.

Nathan Shields is a chef in the kitchen, an artist…also in the kitchen, and the coolest dad alive, again, in the kitchen — just like a man should be. After spending years as a professional math teacher and illustrator (left brain and right brain dominant? some people have it all), Shields began messing around with pancake art while living in Saipan with his two children. It’s an island in the Pacific, people. Read a book.

Since he started his Instagram page in September, he’s gained some notoriety, and it’s no surprise why.

A photo posted by Nathan Shields (@saipancakes) on

A photo posted by Nathan Shields (@saipancakes) on

Such a shame that you can’t have your pancakes and eat them too. Follow Nathan on Instagram or check out his website Saipancakes to see more of his creations.

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