This Gym Wedding Is Literally My Worst Nightmare (Video)

This Gym Wedding Is Literally My Worst Nightmare (Video)

If I had to pick my top three worst date ideas, it would be putt-putt golf, getting a couple’s colonoscopy, and, of course, going to the gym together. The sheer thought of working out is enough to make me break out in sweat just by putting on my yoga pants. Doing it with someone I’m supposed to attract enough to hopefully lock me down for life? Yeah, that’s not for me.

Still, I can respect the crazy notion that some insane people not only like to work out but they actually *shudder* find love there.

Enter Joe and Stephanie. A couple of kooky kids whose love story started at a gym and was later made official there. On September 3rd, in front of friends, family, and fat blasting machines, they became husband and wife. At Planet Fitness.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Cincinnati-based couple met at Planet Fitness when Joe asked our girl Steph if she was done using a piece of equipment. Their eyes met, the sweat on their brows glistened, and the next thing they knew, they were going on dates to, you guessed it, Planet Fitness.

After exchanging numbers, their love story kept bringing them back to the world of ellipticals and pulled groin muscles. They even said “I love you” for the first time in the Planet Fitness parking lot. So, after researching multiple venues for the nuptials, Stephanie had a pretty weird idea — to get married at the gym.

And because I’m sure literally no one else has ever asked to do that, Planet Fitness agreed. Not only did they pose on treadmills for professional photos, but the wedding party got to be surrounded by equipment that would make them regret eating a zillion protein balls and plain chicken breasts at the reception to follow (just speculating on the menu here, but I have a feeling I’m on the right track).

Now, I’m not going to sit here and bash them. Sure, having a Planet Fitness employee officiating the ceremony seems a little depressing. And the thought of saying “I do” while ab machines remind you that you’re not as hot as the people you follow on Instagram is upsetting. And, yeah, the scent of old socks and over-bleached towels that sting your nostrils is enough to send you into a panic. And personally, I’d rather get married in a fucking barn and serve my drinks out of Mason Jars (which is something only livestock should do) than ever go to a gym, let alone get married in one.

But, oddly enough, Stephanie and Joe’s day wasn’t, in fact, about me. And it turns out, they might have known a thing or two. Because in addition to hooking them up, being the foundation of their relationship, and hosting their wedding, the gym also gave them a big ass check as a gift.

Congrats Stephanie & Joe! Thanks for making PF a part of your special day! #keithitup #planetfitness

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And so, if Planet Fitness is willing to literally pay me to get married, I have to say, I might actually consider getting a membership. No, I’ll never actually use it, but hey, the first step toward getting fit is getting a membership to a place you can’t afford and don’t attend, right?

Fuckin’ swolemates.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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